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We Digress

Dec 11, 2019

You’re listening to We Digress and we’re your hosts, Dave and Deb Beddoe.

Although our conversations are often about addiction, recovery, and faith, we do wander off-topic and into areas of broader interest – hence the name of our podcast, “We Digress”

Before we dive into feelings… Our audiobook launches...

Nov 27, 2019

In this episode of We Digress, we continue our conversation about the role of community in crisis, particularly addiction recovery.

Two major barriers to relationships within our community are independence and isolation. 


In American culture, we value our independence. The United States was basically...

Nov 1, 2019

In this episode of We Digress, Dave and Deb talk about community and briefly wax nostalgic over small-town life in autumn.

Ah, the joys of small-town living…

On the one hand, everyone knows everyone else. On the other hand, everyone knows everyone else. Or, as Dave says, we get “all up in each other’s...

Oct 23, 2019

In this episode of We Digress, Dave and Deb talk about some of their favorite movie portrayals of addiction and recovery and how even the best stories can't show reality. Change takes time. And when someone we love is in the process of change, our response matters. Our patience is a reflection of God's love. 


Oct 23, 2019

Dave and Deb continue their conversation about renovations. 

HGTV began broadcasting the year our oldest child was born, and I (Deb) confess, I've been a sucker for it ever since. Chances are, though, you are too. We talk a bit about our favorite shows, our own recent renovation experiences, and "flip culture" and...