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We Digress

Oct 15, 2019

Compassion is a hot topic these days. Who deserves it, should it affect our politics, and what's in it for me...

In this episode, Dave and Deb dig into compassion and digress into the Great British Baking Show and Survivor, the longest running American reality show. 

Sometimes, we unwittingly view compassion as a means to an end. But is compassion merely currency to get me what I want, or is it something more?

God addressed compassion over and over in the Old Testament and Jesus did it again both preaching it and living it out in the New Testament. 

Between people, compassion is love's response to suffering. It's a character quality that should mark Christians, but as David Englehart writes, "Compassion needs to be nurtured and practiced or even this basic love response can grow dull and cold."

Have a listen.